Now Go Out And Inspire Your Community

Invite Your Friends

Have 9 (or more) of your friends in mind who you think would want to become Change Makers. Tag those 9+ friends on social media, follow up with a text/call/coffee and share with them why this campaign is so important. Need help? Here is a  sample e-mail template for you.

Email Template

Inspire Your Community

Make sure your circles know that you are a Change Maker by adding the Change Maker frame on Facebook. Follow the step by step guide to update your profile picture. Want to go all out on social media? Here are a few images that you can use! More images and videos will be posted throughout the Campaign. Please like, share and comment when a new post is released!

Here’s a sample post: Join me in becoming one of the next generation’s Change Makers for our community! Learn more here: and #BeAChangeMaker.

Hashtag to use: #BeAChangeMaker