Partner Highlight: Cardiology Associates

Victory Health Partners is so thankful for the specialty care that is available to our patients through the physicians and staff at Cardiology Associates. Our specialty partners serve our patients so well by offering high quality, affordable care to heal uninsured adults in our community living in the healthcare gap. These specialists come alongside our staff to provide preventative care to help maintain our patients’ health and help them avoid using emergency rooms for their healthcare. This preventative approach helps our patients avoid a life-threatening medical emergency and allows them to avoid incurring the high cost of ER care. Victory Health Partners removes the healthcare barriers that previously blocked access for our 25,000 uninsured adults. Patients now have access to a wide range of specialty healthcare from 150 providers while removing their anxiety and worry over treatable heart conditions. We are grateful to Cardiology Associates for their partnership, dedication and knowledge as they serve our patients every day.

“Providing treatment and options to patients who have limited access to essential heart care plays a large role in Cardiology Associates commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents in our area. A great deal of heart disease is manageable or even preventable through early identification and treatment.  Our partnership with Victory Health, over the last 15 plus years, has provided us the opportunity to treat patients with cardiovascular conditions who may have gone un-treated or suffered un-necessarily helping to improve lives, prevent deaths and ultimately enhance their quality of life.”

-Cardiology Associates