Mike’s Story.

I want to thank you for making the Victory Health Partners available to people like me. I am a Type II insulin dependent diabetic with several medical problems. I have been coming to Victory for over a year. After the loss of my insurance, I was left in a situation of survival with a potential life threatening illness if I did not have access to medical treatment as you can imagine. 

The first time I walked into Victory, I was greeted with a smile, kindness and professionalism. The front desk volunteer was helpful to me in answering my questions, and they always have been. I was treated with respect in what seemed to be lowest time of my life.

I have been impressed with the way that I have been treated by the physicians, nurses, lab personnel and pharmacist.  The doctors have gone way beyond and have helped me to secure the medications that I need for everyday. I was scared to death and the staff reassured me that I was important enough to them to help me through this hard time in my life.

I will be forever grateful for the kindness that I have been shown at Victory, but most of all I am grateful every day that I inject my insulin, take my daily medications and look at myself in the mirror that there is a place like Victory that I can depend on.

We have all been called to help those who are less fortunate and I am so thankful that there is a place called Victory Health Partners. Thank you for providing a place like this for people like me.