Mission Statement

After participating in several mission trips to Central and South America providing health care, Dr. Robert D. Lightfoot and his wife, Tami, were inspired to find a way to provide affordable, quality adult primary care in their own community. What began as an act of faith by one physician and his wife, has grown into a partnership of faith involving hundreds of volunteers, medical providers, and churches all responding to God's call to care for those in need of medical care.

Victory Health Partners began seeing patients in January 2003 under the direction of Dr. Robert D. Lightfoot. Victory Health Partners has a core staff of business and healthcare professionals along with sixty to seventy volunteers who assist the staff each week in performing the day to day operations at the clinic that provides healthcare for uninsured adults. In addition, a network of over 150 physicians and dentists donate their services in their offices to our patients at little or no cost to the patient. Due to the generosity of Mobile Infirmary, we continue to lease our building for $1 a year.

Though based in Mobile, Alabama the clinic's patients come from over 25 counties in Alabama, 11 in Mississippi, and eight in Northwest Florida. Our patient numbers have increased steadily and we look forward to expanding our services as well as bringing more partners on board to help the low income uninsured of this area. With the help and financial support of our partners, Victory serves those who "fall through the cracks" in our medical system. We are always looking for ways to form more partnerships with physicians, churches, businesses, civic organizations and other interested individuals. The support of our partners is essential to our success in meeting our mission to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the medically underserved.

"It's not about the numbers we serve, it's about that one person we make a difference in, not only their physical life but also emotionally and spiritually....God is about that one person"Dr. Robert "Doc" Lightfoot


As a witness for Jesus Christ, Victory Health Partners exists to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the medically under-served by providing affordable, quality health care services. We recognize that God is the True Healer and the source of all. We seek to know Jesus Christ, His Son, and to make Him known.

Victory Health Partners is a 501(c)(3) non profit healthcare organization established under the laws of the State of Alabama to provide a continuum of affordable quality care for the low income uninsured population of the greater Mobile area.

Victory does not accept insurance or any government funding, but instead is funded by tax deductible contributions from supporters. As stated in the name Victory Health Partners, Victory is truly a community partnership of people from diverse backgrounds banding together in friendship and love to provide healthcare to fellow citizens of this great community.