Victory Health Partners

A faith-based medical clinic for uninsured adults



Our Healthcare Solution is Simple.

Inspired by Christ’s call to heal the sick, Victory Health Partners provides affordable, quality healthcare to the thousands of uninsured adults in our Gulf Coast community. Our partnerships are vital to the fulfillment of our mission. With a network of over 150 specialists ranging from cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists, etc., the barriers once blocking the path of our patients’ recovery are now removed so they now have the ability to receive the care they need.

Our patients may be the hairdresser who is uninsured and unable to afford the insulin for her diabetes; a small business owner who is unable to afford the high cost of healthcare for his employees and himself; single parents who struggle to pay rent and feed their children. Thanks to a generous community of individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations, Victory responds to those in need today.

We build community partnerships delivering affordable access to a full continuum of healthcare

Over 19,000 patient encounters annually

Access to over 150 specialty physicians

Volunteers give over 60,000 hours per year

42 counties served in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi

$33 million in medication provided at no cost

$0 in government funding

Our Partnerships Provide Hope

Victory pursues significance in every interaction by focusing on care that meets a patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. As Victory is first and foremost a Christian ministry, the love and care in our staff and volunteers supports them as they tend to each patient’s needs. Their faith and hope can be heard in a kind word or a physician’s quiet prayer, and felt in the compassion that blesses every patient who walks through our doors.

Health and Hope Transforms Lives.

We see miracles everyday.

We are witnesses to the impossible being achieved through God’s intervention. Sometimes unobtrusively, sometimes in a big way. But each day we see the miracle of healing.

A $100 Gift Translates to $3,000 in Quality Care.

By building a community of medical partners, volunteers and supporters and through efficiencies in the clinic’s operations, your donations of money and time multiply, increasing the amount of medical care Victory can offer. Currently every $100 gift delivers nearly $3000 of comprehensive healthcare. Even a small donation can cover the cost of an exam for a patient. Just imagine the impact that one exam can make in a patient’s life. Questions are answered, peace overcomes anxiety, hope is shared and dignity is restored.

Victory Health Partners are community builders. The work they do is making positive impact for generations to come – that’s something we can get behind. 

Allen Simpson

Mobile Operations Leader, Hargrove Engineering

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