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Medical Care
Victory Health Partners provides general medical care, this includes physical examinations, x-rays, EKGs and laboratory tests. When our patient's medical needs requires specialty care, Victory enlists the services of local specialists who see our patients in their private offices.

Patient Assistance Program
Those with low incomes often cannot afford the prescription medicines they need. Many of our patients qualify for drop assistance programs through the pharmaceutical companies. Annually, VHP provides over $4 million in prescription medication (wholesale value) for free through drug assistance programs alone. This process, however, may take two to three months to access and is intended to assist our patients with chronic illnesses.

VHP Operates a dispensary at the clinic to provide medications to qualified VHP patients. Medication is supplied by donations as well as purchases from discount distributors. The dispensary meets the needs of patients with short term illnesses and those waiting to qualify for patient assistance programs.

VHP recognizes that spiritual and emotional health plays a major role in a patients physical wellbeing. One full time marriage and family therapist and three volunteer licensed professional counselors provide emotional and spiritual counseling, as well as, support and education for individuals, couples and families.

Dental Care
Dental services include X-rays, cleaning, routine examinations, basic fillings and extractions. Also provided are basic education and preventative care to qualified VHP patients. This is the only VHP clinic that accepts as patients low income Medicaid and Medicare patients as well. Appointments are required and can be made by calling 445-0611.

Diabetes Education
Self-management training and education on controlling the disease is an integral component of health care for a person with diabetes. Newly diagnosed VHP patients are equipped through instruction classes provided by Providence Hospital.

Eye Care Clinic
Regular exams, refractive care, eye health evaluations and care eye infections are offered to VHP patients by appointment. Medication assistance is provided when available.

Home Sleep Studies
At home testing equipment is offered for diagnosis of sleep disorders.

Neurology Clinic
Provides management and treatment for disorders of the nervous system to qualified patients by appointment.

Nutrition Clinic
A volunteer nutritionist provides educational dietary information and guidance for our patients to easily incorporate into their daily living.

Pulmonary Care

Established through the generous donations of the Florence Foundation, the Breath of Life Program provides pulmonary testing, education and treatment of lung disorders such as asthma, emphysema and smoking disorders. The clinic is staffed by volunteer respiratory therapists from the University of South Alabama Department of Cardiorespiratory.

Wound Care
The Wound Care Clinic provided by the Springhill Medical Center offers treatment for non healing wounds. Patients are referred by our physicians for debridement, medication and redressing.

Wellness Education
Also known as disease prevention, VHP Offers educational materials and programs to help patients stay healthy, both in body and spirit. Several medical organizations come to the clinic to offer educational opportunities such as osteoporosis screenings, smoking cessation information, and nutrition for diabetics.

Women's Wellness
Annual exams are provided in the general clinic. PAP smears and mammograms are ordered for free through a state program to those who qualify. For additional medical attention, specialized care is provided on site by two OBGYNs from the Azalea City Physicians .


Victory Health Partners is a faith based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit healthcare organization providing affordable quality care for low income uninsured adults in the greater Mobile area. VHP does not accept insurance or any government funding.


VHP is a diverse community partnership of physicians, churches, community organizations, businesses, foundations and individuals who are committed to the mission of the clinic. Contact us to learn more.


3750 Professional Parkway
Mobile, Alabama 36609
Main Phone: 251.460.0999
Appointments: 251.445-0035
New Patients: 251.445.0038
Dental Clinic: 251.445.0611
Fax: 251.460.0992