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To be treated by a VHP physician you must first complete the qualifying procedure. If you qualify as a VHP patient you will be eligible to see a VHP physician and participate in the other programs offered by the clinic.

Patient Qualifications
To be a Victory Health Partners patient you must:
  • Have no form of private medical insurance
  • Not be eligible for Medicaid, Medicare or VA health benefits.
  • Be a resident of Mobile or surrounding counties.
  • be between the ages of 19 and 65 years old.
  • Have a gross income of less than three times the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Qualification Procedure
To become qualified as a patient you must make an appointment to determine eligibility. For your convenience you may download the registration forms in the right hand column of the page and fill them out in advance. In addition to the forms here, the following documents must be presented at the first appointment.
  • Current local photo identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Utility bill for proof of residence
  • Proof of all household income:
    • Current tax return for the household (required if filed) OR
    • Four current pay stubs for each employed person in the household OR
    • A notarized letter of employment for each employed member of the household stating the average number of hours worked per week and the gross rate of pay.
Patients will be requalified in May of each year by providing a copy of their current income tax return or other current proof of income. These items may be faxed to New Patient Services, 251-460-0992.

Patient Fees
Patient fees are calculated on a sliding scale that is based on family size, gross family income and circumstances. Patients who have not yet qualified will pay $50 per office visit for up to two physician visits. Non qualified patients are also eligible for one lab visit ordered by VHP physicians. The cost of the lab visit depends on the type and number ordered.

Victory does not bill patients for services rendered. Patients are expected to pay for services at the time of the office visits with cash or local check.

Lab fees are a separate charge and are also due at the time of service. Through a donation from Quest Labs we are able to keep our lab fees low.

To be a patient of the clinic a $50 annual administrative fee is required. This fee helps us to defer the costs of providing the dispensary and the Patient Assistance Program. There is no charge for medications dispensed through the programs. No medication will be dispensed until the administration fee is paid. In addition there is no charge for urine tests, strep tests, x-rays, EKG's, counseling and the Pulmonary Clinic. Thank you for helping VHP qualify you as a patient.


Victory Health Partners is a faith based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit healthcare organization providing affordable quality care for low income uninsured adults in the greater Mobile area. VHP does not accept insurance or any government funding.


VHP is a diverse community partnership of physicians, churches, community organizations, businesses, foundations and individuals who are committed to the mission of the clinic. Contact us to learn more.


3750 Professional Parkway
Mobile, Alabama 36609
Main Phone: 251.460.0999
Appointments: 251.445-0035
New Patients: 251.445.0038
Dental Clinic: 251.445.0611
Fax: 251.460.0992